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universidad de pamplona

Vision and Mission of the University

Vision 2020

To be a university of excellence, academic leadership and investigation and technology, having national and international impact, with a culture of internationalisation, via transparent, efficient and effective management.


The University of Pamplona, in its role as a public and autonomous institution, subscribes to and assumes the comprehensive and innovative training of its students, derived from research as a central practice, designed to generate knowledge in the fields of science, information technology, arts and humanities, while presenting environmental and social responsibility.

Translated By: Mg. PhD(c) Carlos Alberto Jaimes Guerrero

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  • Campus Pamplona
    Ciudad Universitaria
    Tels: (57+7) 5685303 - 5685304 Ext: 224, 225
  • Campus Cúcuta
    Calle 5 No. 2-38 Barrio Latino
    Tels: (54+7) 5711088 - 5832263 - 5833712
  • Campus Villa del Rosario
    Autopista Internacional Vía Los Álamos Villa Antigua
    Tels: (57+7) 5706966 (Fax) - 5703742
  • Bogotá D.C.
    Calle 71 No 11-51 Quinta Camacho
    Tel: (1) 2499745