The committee of the Faculty of Social Interaction acts as an advisor to the social interaction system of the University. This, in coordination with the Vice President for Social Interaction, leads the Social Interaction system from each Faculty.

Composition. The Faculties’ Social Interaction committee consists of the Vice President for Social Interaction and who chairs the Deans or his representative.

PARAGRAPH 1. When delegated by a Dean representation to a teacher, he will participate in the Faculty Councils, in order to ensure the implementation of policies socialization and institutional social interaction.

PARAGRAPH 2. The teacher delegated by the Faculty will be discharged for four (4) academic hours .

The functions of the Committee in each Faculty are:

a) Support and promotion of the Social Interaction of the Faculty.

b) Establish strategies and the long-term development of the Social Interaction in each Faculty, the elaboration of proposals and implementation of activities arising by CISU.

c) Development and implementation of a strategic development plan of the Social Interaction system of each Faculty.

d) Management to ensure the dissemination and publication of the results of Social Interaction office.

e) Monitoring Projects, disclosure and registration of results in order to raise the quality indicators in communities.

f) Technical and financial evaluation of programs and projects that come before the CISU for approval and budget allocation.

g) Evaluation, monitoring and control of programs, projects and activities of the Faculties.

h) Development of a semi-annual report on the activities of each faculty and referral of the report to CISU.

i) Diagnose the needs of continuing education, guidelines for social work practice, promotion and marketing, internationalization and inter-institutional relations and monitoring and support to college graduates.

j) Propose to CISU conventions, strategies, programs and projects that meet the policies outlined in the Social Interaction System of the University.

k) To propose the development of new programs and projects of the Social Interaction office.

l) To guide and professional social work practice in the Faculties.

m) Schedule periodic meetings and keep a record of the minutes from said meetings.


Translated By: Mg. PhD(c) Carlos Alberto Jaimes Guerrero