Social Interaction has the following aims:

a) Promote the relationship and cooperation among teaching, research, and the social interaction office.

b) Improve life quality of our community, projecting programs and activities of Social Interaction, taking into account the needs of society.

c) Favor a two-way connection among the university and the different sectors of Society, at a regional, national and international level.

d) Encourage exchange relationships and cooperation with graduates in Institutional Social Interaction projects, in order to consolidate an intellectual community that contributes to the development of various social fields.

e) Constitute policies and mechanisms in order to develop professional practices, social work, continuous education, monitoring and communication with graduates.

f) Establish mechanisms that evaluate and verify programs, activities, projects and achievements of the Institutional Social Interaction that assures the quality management of systems within the university.

g) Divulge via the media, activities, projects and achievements of the processes of institutional social interaction.

h) Creation of agreements with the various social, economic, professional and institutional sectors aiming to establish an exchange of knowledge and practices.

i) Systematize, centralize and publish the information related to social interaction activities and projects.


Translated By: Mg. PhD(c) Carlos Alberto Jaimes Guerrero