Concept of stability fields and hot spots in ranking of environmental chemicals

Rainer Brüggemann, Kristina Voigt, Guillermo Restrepo, Ute Simon

 Partially Ordered Sets in the Analysis of Alkanes Fate in Rivers

Guillermo Restrepo, Rainer Brüggemann,Kristina Voigtd .

 Ranking patterns, an application to refrigerants

Guillermo Restrepo, Rainer Brüggemannc, Monika Weckerta, Silke Gerstmanna, Hartmut Franka

 Ranking of Refrigerants

Guillermo Restrepo, Monika Weckert, Rainer Brüggemann, Silke Gerstmann, Hart Mutfrank

Three Dissimilarity Measures to Contrast Dendrograms

Guillermo Restrepo, Heber Mesa, Eugenio J. Llanos .

Dominance and separability in posets, their application to isoelectronic species with equal total nuclear charge

Guillermo Restrepo, Rainer Brüggemann