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universidad de pamplona

Historical Background

The University of Pamplona was founded in 1960, as a private institution, under the leadership of the clergyman José Faría Bermúdez. In 1970 it developed into a public University with State order, by means of decree # 0553 of August 5th, 1970 and 1971 the Ministry of Education entitled it to bestow professional titles according to decree # 1550 of August 13th.

During the 60’s and 70’s, the University grew in the teacher schooling field, in most of the subjects which should be taught in the educational system: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies, Pedagogy, Educational Administration, Foreign Languages, Spanish and Literature and Physical Education.
In the 80’s the institution made significant progress towards professional education in other fields of knowledge, such stage began by the end of that decade with the Food Technology Program.

Afterwards, in the 90’s the fields of Science and Technology, Microbiology Programs majoring in Food were created along with Food and Electronics Engineering and Environmental Sanitation Technology. In the field of Socio-economic Sciences, the program of Computerized System Management was initiated at a technological level and then developed into a professional career.

Today, the University has meaningfully broadened its academic offer so as to meet new requirements of professional education generated by local needs or by the evolution of Science, Arts, Technology and Humanities. The institution does its duty at all levels of higher education: Undergraduate, Postgraduate and continual education, and in all educational modalities; on site and by correspondence with online assistance; which has allowed to transcend both in its territory and in several regions of Colombia and Western Venezuela our neighbor and brotherly country.

This labor is carried out owing to a team of highly educated professionals from the most qualified national and foreign Universities in terms of Specializations, Master’s and Doctorate’s Degrees, and counting on efficient management. In turn, the University’s growth and qualification process has been supported by the construction of modern installed facilities with generous and comfortable spaces for the academic performance, distributed in a coexisting with nature environment; in like manner with the equipment of laboratories and modern systems of media and information, which provide comparative advantages in the accomplishment of its mission.

The Institutional Project of the University, its navigation chart, gives evidence of the characteristic, open and democratic spirit and its commitment with local and national development, likewise, an organizational, administrative and functional dynamics is projected strategically by which efficiency is achieved in the fulfillment of its academic, social and productive purposes.   

According to decree 30 of 1992, the University of Pamplona is identified as an entity of special regime, with academic, financial and administrative autonomy, with legal status and belonging to the National Ministry of Education.

Translated By: Mg. PhD(c) Carlos Alberto Jaimes Guerrero

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